Prescott Advisors

John Prescott is a lawyer who, for over 20 years architected and managed a single-family office for a family of significant means. John’s work for this family culminated with a large liquidity event and his engineering of a successful expatriation project.

John now operates his own advisory firm focused on helping a limited number of high net worth clients accomplish their personal and financial goals.

His services are best utilized by individuals and families without a family office and small to mid-size family offices that may not provide comprehensive services. Whether it is working with your present team of advisors or a transition to new advisors, John can structure and manage your team to accomplish your strategic goals.

John is also available to work with you on discrete projects. If you are contemplating a liquidity event, need to update your estate plan or have some other project where you need assistance, John can provide the project management services that will allow you to sleep at night.

Please contact John Prescott Advisors for a no-obligation consultation to learn how we can add value to your personal and financial affairs.

John C. Prescott, Jr. Esq.

Mark Casady

I have known John for many years in a number of situations where he has done an outstanding job. He has a variety of experience with issues facing wealthy families including estate planning, tax planning, investments and family issues. He has done this in the US and abroad.
He is uniquely qualified to direct the team of professionals providing those services to coordinate them to meet the family’s goals.


Mark Casady
Life 2.0 FinTech investor