John Prescott is a lawyer who, for over 20 years architected and managed a single family office for a family of significant means. John’s work for this family culminated with a large liquidity event and his engineering of a successful expatriation project.

Now, John runs his own advisory firm focused on three primary areas: The first, is helping high net worth clients by assuming the role of a single family office by coordinating and managing their third party professionals, and by offering family office style services such as governance and succession planning. The second, is to assist clients contemplating a liquidity event and who will also need a new personal and financial structure after the event. I can help with the estate planning and practical merger and acquisition techniques to maximize the value of the liquidity event and assist in forming and managing the structure of their wealth and personal strategies after the event. The third area is much more esoteric. Under rare circumstances, but in increasing numbers, John is available to advise successful families who may be interested in evaluating, establishing and/or executing an exit strategy.

My services can best be utilized by high net worth individuals and families without a family office and small to mid-size family offices that may not provide comprehensive services. I act as the family office for these individuals and family offices at a fraction of the cost of a full-time family office.

  • Do you want a family office structure where all of your professional advisors work together in furtherance of your strategic goals?
  • Do you want the piece of mind that all of your important personal and business affairs are in order?
  • Do you plan to sell your business in the future?
  • Do you have concerns that future events may threaten your family’s wellbeing and way of life?

If your answer is “YES” to any of these questions, please contact John Prescott Advisors for a no-obligation consultation to learn how we can add value to your complex personal and financial affairs.


John C. Prescott, Jr. Esq.